Do you need a Power Flush in Glasgow ? 

 We get asked on a daily basis at Power Flush Glasgow why does my central heating system require a power flush? there can be many different reasons for why you require one but it all comes back to sludge in your central heating system  when a new boiler is fitted to your home then a power flush should always be carried out as in most cases with a boiler replacement the boiler is connected on to existing radiators and pipework which after a short period of time will work its way in to your boiler, once it reaches your boiler and starts to clog up parts of your boiler like the pump then your boiler will be less efficient, the boiler manufacturers will give warranty period on you boiler but if it is the case that sludge has caused one of the parts in your boiler to be faulty then they will not cover this and will recommend you get a powerflush, so it is imperative to have a power flush carried out with any new boiler that is installed to an old central heating system.

It is not only new boilers going in that require a power flush, old boilers and central heating systems require this also including, electric boilers, oil boilers and gas boilers, generally if you have radiators in your property and they are not heating up as well as they should do then you may require a power flush.


The following symptoms are a tell tale sign you require a power flush.


Cold spots on radiators normally at the bottom or middle of the radiator


High fuel bills 


Noisy pump or central heating system 


Kettling noises from the boiler or banging noises


Black sludge deposits from bleed valve on the radiator when bled 


Constant pump failures


If you feel that you possibly need a Power Flush give us a call today on 0141 774 2711 and one of our advisors can help you decide on whats best for your system.

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