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Are you searching for a new boiler in Glasgow, East Kilbride or Bearsden?


You have come to the right place! We specialise in all types of Boiler Installation in East Kilbride, Bearsden & Glasgow including Combi & Electric Boiler Replacement


Although Power Flush Glasgow specialises in Central Heating power flushing in Glasgow, we also carry out boiler replacement in Glasgow, East Kilbride, Bearsden & Cumbernauld at a very competitive price. Power Flush Glasgow has a team of experienced plumbing & Heating Engineers that can replace your current boiler from the unbelievable cost of £1250. Replacing your boiler could save you hundreds of pounds on your gas bills as most new boilers are now up to 99% efficient. 


Choosing the correct boiler for your property is a minefield as all of the Boiler Companies who provide a boiler replacement quote will have a personal preference of manufacturer they like to install due to costing or support they receive on these brands so will often recommend this to you. There is an extensive range of boilers to choose from on the market with the budget boiler priced at around £1249 supplied & fitted.


Our personal preference is the award-winning Worcester Bosch boiler replacement priced at around £1549 supplied & fitted with a chemical flush of the central heating system, Free programmable room thermostat & landlord Gas Safety if required. Worcester is one of the biggest known Boiler manufacturers in the UK and has received Which Best Boiler for 7 consecutive years. They are best known for there reliability, affordability & outstanding customer service. 


Prices can vary significantly from installer to installer. Which is why we also recommend getting a few free quotes and taking the time to research the company & the boiler they have quoted you. Boiler manufacturers offer variable warranties on their boilers with most ranging from 2 years to 10 years. And you will read many clashing reviews online about what new boilers are the best option based on different installers and Homeowner reviews.


At Power Flush Glasgow we install all makes and models of boilers including Ideal, Worcester, ATAG & Glow Worm. We will advise you appropriately on what we think is most

suited for your property. Alternatively, if you have your heart set on a specific make and model, we can also price you on this accordingly.


We have listed below different types of Heating services/ Boiler Replacements to give you an idea of what kind of system you have in place just now. In many cases, we can still carry out a combi boiler replacement if you have a

system boiler in place just now.






Combi Boiler Replacement


With this type of system, you will not have a separate water tank. Most combi boilers are

usually mounted on the wall and provide both heating and hot water without the need for extra water tanks. This type of system is beneficial in 1-4 bedroom properties and can provide instant

hot water for as long as required. This type of boiler will also save you on fuel bills as you only heat your hot water when needed, unlike the open vent system.




Open vent system boiler replacement


On this type of system, you will have have the gas boiler, but you will also have a hot water

cylinder in place which stores your hot water. This type of central heating system would

typically have two water tanks, usually located in the loft. The boiler will heat the copper cylinder on this type of system which is then stored in the water cylinder to use as required. The only drawback on this type of heating is you need to reheat the water tank when you have used the hot water in the tank, which can take up to 30 minutes to heat up again.




Whether you need a new boiler in East Kilbride or a new boiler in Cumbernauld we can help. All of our Boiler Installers installed by our fully qualified and insured central heating installers and come with a warranty ranging from 5-12 years offering you peace of mind.


We employ all of our heating engineers. They have over 25-years of experience hence if you need a boiler replacement in East Kilbride or Glasgow to give us a call and

arrange a free competitive quote and have your new boiler fitted in as little as 24 hours.

Need a new Boiler in Glasgow or Cumbernauld?

Searching for a free quote for a boiler replacement in Cumbernauld and surrounding areas? look

no further, request a suitable appointment using our contact us form below, and one of our advisors will call you back. Alternatively, you can call the office on 0141 266 0070 and arrange a free no-obligation quote which we can arrange for a time convenient to you. We work Saturday & Sunday and can also offer evening appointments so you won't need to take a day off work. The price quoted will always be the price you pay.


Would you like to find out more about our New Boiler Replacement in Cumbernauld? Our team of Gas Safe Engineers cover many areas throughout Scotland so if you need a New Boiler in Cumbernauld, Falkirk or Stirling give us a call today and we can arrange a free fixed-price quote.


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