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Power flush Glasgow has a team of fully qualified Heating Engineers in Glasgow who carry out Boiler services in Glasgow for a fixed price of £60. Do you need a Boiler service? what is the purpose of having a Boiler service are just some of the questions we are asked daily by customers who get confused between a Landlord Gas safety certificate and the Boiler service so we have put some information below to help you understand whether you require a Boiler service or an Annual Gas safety certificate?

Do I need a Boiler service?

Why do I need a boiler service?

Your boiler is one of the most important parts of your home, which is why it's vital that you look after your boiler ensuring the boiler is serviced Annually to avoid any disturbances to your daily routine like no Heating or Hot water. In order to keep in line with your boiler warranty, a service is required Annually to ensure your warranty remains valid. Having your Boiler serviced regularly will ensure any problems are picked up with the boiler before they go on to cause bigger issues which could lead to costly repairs if left untreated for long periods of time. If your boiler service is due contact us today to arrange an appointment that suits best for you for the fixed price of £60. 



Do I need a Gas Safety Certificate?

What is a Landlord Gas safety certificate and who needs one?

It is imperative that all Landlords have an annual Gas Safety inspection on all gas supply and gas appliances in the property to ensure their tenants are kept safe. This must be carried out by a Registered Gas Engineer and Failure to comply with these regulations may lead to prosecution and/or imprisonment. If you have a property that you rent out or plan to rent out then you absolutely do need a Landlord Gas safety certificate. Always use a Gas Safe registered Engineer, you can check the Gas safe register to ensure the person you are using is qualified to carry out the work. If you need a Landlord Gas safety contact us today to arrange a suitable appointment.

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